Matt Gaetz gets desperate

It was another beautiful day in California. The sun shone. The ocean waters danced as the golden sands of beaches glittered brightly with people, waves, and laughter. And in the city of Riverside, two individuals stood forlornly at a crosswalk.

These two people were not natives of California. Many of their previous actions suggested they disliked the state intensely. But they were here now, and they wanted to speak–only nobody wanted to hear them. The toxic twosome had booked venue after venue. And venue after venue had pulled the rug out from under them by canceling their appearances. Not in California. Never in California.

“The hateful and racist rhetoric that will be perpetuated at this event by these two well-known extremists has absolutely no place in our city,” a city council member had said.

So, the two extremists were angry. Anger was in their nature. Their whole persona was spitting, bubbling rage.

She was disliked even by many in her own party. She was known as a trouble maker who reveled in hate speech.

He was and is under investigation by the FBI. He had ceased the act of pretending to work hard. His days were spent tweeting out hateful statements and having events like the one that had just been yanked from him.

So, these two wicked annihilators fed off each other. They were lost in a swirl of rage and wanted to lash out. And so they did. They held a protest. They spoke out. They called our people communists. They disparaged the great state of California. They said they were being “canceled.”

The audience? There were perhaps 90-100 curious onlookers. This was hardly a significant number, and it must have been disappointing to them. So, they said their piece and left. Marjorie, the female annihilator, went back to the safety of Twitter. Matt Gaetz, the male annihilator, did the same. And the beautiful state of California heaved a big sigh of relief.

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