Donald Trump Jr is losing what little was left of his mind

To suggest that Donald Trump Jr is “losing it” would imply that he had it to begin with. Given his visibly deteriorating physical and mental state in the videos he’s been releasing for the past several years, it’s been a long time since he came off as being what you might call “well.”

But as we noted yesterday, Trump Junior has taken a turn for the particularly unwell in the days since his family business was criminally indicted. First he began insisting that God gave COVID to three Democratic lawmakers from Texas because he doesn’t like them. Now Junior is claiming that these lawmakers are actually faking COVID.

Wait, which is it? Is God now giving a disease to people for being anti-Trump, or are they merely pretending to have the disease? It’s bad enough that Donald Trump Jr is so lost in a lunatic haze, he thinks that either one of these things could be true. But he’s so far gone, he apparently thinks they’re both true: God gave them COVID to spite them, and they’re faking having COVID.

In any case, it’s clear that the deterioration of Donald Trump Jr’s psychological state is accelerating in the wake of the Trump Organization criminal indictments. If he thinks this is bad, wait until the New York indictments start flying at him and his family members directly.

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