Palmer Report editorial note: an update on my health

At the start of the year I disclosed the fact that I’d been dealing with worsening back problems for quite some time. I only shared this information because I was about to begin medical treatment, and I feared it might interfere with the regularity of my publishing schedule. To my surprise, thousands of you offered well wishes, and some of you have continued to ask about my health to this day. For that reason I’m providing another update.

After months of trying various treatments that ended up not being the answer, I ended up having several nerves non-surgically removed from my spine (for those asking, it’s called “radiofrequency ablation”). This has worked wonders for me. My back pain is now at its lowest level in years, and my mobility is at its best in years.

But the process continues. Today I’m beginning the process of a similar treatment for my neck. I’m also in the midst of physical therapy, which will continue throughout the summer. As this plays out, I’ll keep doing my best to maintain a regular publishing schedule.

I want to thank all of you again for the well wishes and encouragement that you provided back when I first disclosed that I was going through this. It has been, and continues to be, a long road. But it’s a hopeful one, and well worth it.

Bill Palmer

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