This can’t possibly end well for the GOP

This can’t possibly end well for the GOP. There are self-basking turkeys and then there’s the GOP; a self-immolating party. If someone were to write the faux pas and mis-steps and outright stumbles, dives and plummets of the Trump GOP in a novel, it would never make it past the editors. Too unbelievable. Too preposterous.

Who would believe the Republicans standing against not one, but two bills to investigate – simply investigate – the January 6th insurrection; the attack on the Capitol Building. The only attack on the Capitol by Americans – ever! The seditionist forces of the Civil War never got close to DC. Never mind storming the building while Congress was in session, smearing feces in the Rotunda, smashing things, looting souvenirs of their treasonous crime, calling for the execution of the VP and the Speaker of the House and assaulting policemen.

That, in and of itself, is beyond the pale. Their very lives threatened – as the Republic was threatened – police assaulted (!) and yet, the official stance of the Republican Party is ‘Nothing to see here.’ Just a tour group.

(Or the FBI. Or antifa. Or BLM. It was either a riot by far-left anti-Trump extremists or it was nothing at all. It’s down the rabbit hole with nearly everything the GOP says or does.)

Insane. This can’t possibly end well for the GOP. Nor will it go well with the USA as a major party hoists itself on its own Trumpian QAnonian petard.

The lock-step no-vote on setting up a Jan 6 commission is only the starter. There’s plenty more where that came from…

Rigged elections – except everyone down ticket. Check!

COVID-19 – a hoax or something. Check!

Voter fraud – statistical anomalies are still scary. Check!

Vaccines – more fear-mongering. Check!
 Trump is the party leader…

Hold on… Beyond the pale.

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