This blew up in Lara Trump’s face

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Since leaving office, the former guy, also known as the insurrectionist in chief, has not been doing much. His days seem to consist of…well…nobody knows for sure because we rarely hear from him. Isn’t that such a great feeling?

Most of his klan has been silent too. Oh, we get Junior on Twitter making dumb remarks. But for the most part, they’ve been deliciously absent.

The exception is Lara Trump. Married to one Eric Trump, Lara has recently been hired by Fox Entertainment (Fox News), proving once again that journalistic experience is less important to the fake network than proximity to the former guy.

Lara, however, has not had a good few days. It all started with an interview Lara did with her evil Papa-in-law. After the interview, Lara posted it, in video form, on Facebook. This was not a good idea, and Facebook was quick to let Lara know. Here is the email:

“In line with the block we placed on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, further content posted in the voice of Donald Trump will be removed and result in additional limitations on the accounts.”

Facebook did the right thing here, as this was a way to try to get around the ban. But Lara was not happy and freaked out.

She proceeded to write, “And just like that, we are one step closer to Orwell’s 1984. Wow.”

This comment is so out of touch with reality one wonders if Trump was telling her what to write.

If Lara believes that, all I can say is she either did not read 1984 or has no idea what it is she read. The American people lived aspects of 1984 for four years when Trump attempted to destroy America. I wonder if this whole thing was a gimmick to give her something to talk about on Fox.

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