Matt Gaetz sex trafficking scandal now allegedly includes everything from drugs to prostitution

When the news first broke two days ago that the Department of Justice is criminally investigating Matt Gaetz for underage sex trafficking, and he denied it, we predicted that whatever the truth was, it would begin to come out rather quickly. That process is now fully underway, and let’s just say that it’s not looking great for Gaetz.

This evening CNN reported that the DOJ is investigating whether Matt Gaetz used cash and drugs to lure underage women. In addition to sex trafficking, this would also put Gaetz in violation of drug laws and prostitution laws. CNN is also reporting that the DOJ is looking at whether Gaetz is connected to the fake ID scheme that was allegedly being run by his associate Joel Greenberg.

This comes hours after the news broke that the Feds are also investigating whether Matt Gaetz used campaign funds to pay for these girls, which in addition to everything else would put him in violation of federal campaign finance laws.

None of this new reporting proves Matt Gaetz’s guilt, and he’s still publicly denying that he broke any laws. But the list of crimes he’s reportedly being investigated for keeps growing, and these kinds of probes only tend to cascade like this if there’s evidence to keep pointing investigators in new directions. Bottom line: Gaetz is in a heap of trouble that’s getting worse by the minute.

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