This just got brutal for Matt Gaetz

It’s bad enough for Matt Gaetz that he’s being federally investigated for allegedly having sex with one or more underage girls, and for paying to transport her across state lines. If he did what he’s accused of, then his career is over, and this scandal will dominate the rest of his life. But even if he’s guilty, what are the odds of conviction? After all, you can end up with a bad jury that thinks certain heinous crimes aren’t crimes.

That’s why these kinds of cases often come down to whatever additional criminal charges get tacked on. The ancillary charges can end up being easier to get a conviction on than the main underlying charge. That’s why it’s a big deal that CNN is reporting that the Feds are investigating whether Gaetz used campaign money to transport these girls.

Campaign finance violations are quite easy to get a conviction on, because the proof is right there in the financial records. So if Matt Gaetz did indeed use campaign money to transport these girls, then he’ll end up in prison whether or not prosecutors are able to get convictions for statutory rape and sex trafficking. Gaetz still says he’s innocent. We’ll see what the evidence ends up saying.

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