There’s nothing left to salvage from this Republican shipwreck

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The take-away from the first day of the Impeachment Trial is this: there is nothing to salvage from the wreck that is the Republican Party. As much as the members try to cling to their pedigree of ‘The Party of Lincoln’, they fail to meet that exalted standard. The GOP is the party of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Boebert, Jordan and Gaetz. They are the party of Cruz, Rubio and Hawley. They are a party of political hacks, Q-idiots and MAGA morons. They are a cult masquerading as a political party.  

They paved their own downfall with egregious moral and ethical failures. Nominating Trump as their candidate – not once but twice – for president was both low and depraved.

Failing to rein him in during his corrupt and incompetent maladministration was further sinking into deluded, disgraced irrelevancy. 
Dismissing the charges against Trump and exonerating him sank the party even further into madness.

It’s over for them as a party. The GOP hitched their wagon to a flaming sink-hole; Trump. They have no defense for their individual actions. The senators and House members are clustering together out of a sense of self-preservation. They are acting like sturgeons in a bait-ball. Their numbers diminish but the bait-ball remains their only form of refuge. 

They are on the wrong side of history. They are on the wrong side of the moral, ethical and legal issue and they know it. They. Know. It. Everyone knows it. Yet, they persist in their self-service; thinking that the GOP communal recalcitrance will preserve them in the next election. 

We have to make certain that their political careers are over. We have to strive to ensure that each of the GOP dead-enders experience career death. The coming elections in 2020 and 2024 must be the death throes of the GOP. Make it so.

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