Trump’s impeachment lawyers blew it for him even worse than you think

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Trump’s lawyers Bruce Castor and David Schoen:

– Have no facts or law to support their case.

-Failed to acknowledge that Trump was impeached while he was President — and the Constitution provides that the Senate handles conducts ALL subsequent impeachment trials.

– Acted as if they don’t know that there is no First Amendment protection for speech that incites a riot.

– Warned of the danger of totalitarianism. DO they not know who they are representing?

– Had the nerve to say Democrats seek to disenfranchise voters – while defending Trump’s attempt to overthrow the results of the last election by fomenting an insurrection to stop Congress from certifying the electoral votes.

– Criticized the House for impeaching Trump even after McConnell had announced the Senate would not hold the trial while Trump was still President, but also claimed PELOSI deprived Trump of due process by withholding Articles of Impeachment from the Senate until Trump was out of office.

– Claimed that the impeachment process would deprive Trump of property or liberty! (He does not have a property right in the Office of President and his liberty is not and will not be constrained.)

– Claimed that far down on the list of Senators’ priorities is being partisan! Yet, 44 feckless, craven Republican Senators voted that the Senate has no authority to hold the Trial — despite no legitimate reason for voting that way.

– Suggested that Trump should be subject to a criminal investigation, arrested and possibly indicted and tried in a criminal proceeding for inciting an insurrection and assault on the Capitol.

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