There’s a whirlwind of crap falling on Donald Trump’s head

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What a week! As we fight for democracy, it is as important to publicize the multiplying Republican scandals, as it is to broadcast the Democrats’ accomplishments. Below is a list of this week’s biggest developments:

• On Trump-indictment watch, we learned that local, state, and federal officials are beefing up security around the Manhattan courthouse where Trump will be indicted any day now.

• Trump’s Truth Social is a worthless money-laundering scheme. We learned there was a Federal investigation into the company’s laundering $8 million through bridge loans tied to Russian President Putin, and the NASDAQ is delisting the Truth Social holding company. Investors are screwed, with the stock now worthless.

• The DOJ arrested Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, who has deep ties to Trump’s closest co-conspirators. Could Guo flip on Steve Bannon who was arrested on his yacht in 2020?
Because of banking deregulation under Trump, three Silicon Valley banks filed for bankruptcy or were downgraded to junk, after improper divesting by their billionaire investors. Biden vowed to fully cover customer bank deposits, while telling the reckless investors they are on their own. “That’s how capitalism works,” Biden said. Zing!

• Biden is making the U.S. safer. He signed a 10-point executive order to reduce gun violence, and he also is using diplomacy to pressure Chinese investors into divesting in the TikTok app which has been deemed a U.S. national security threat.

• DeSantis shot himself in the foot, politically, for publicly defending Russia by downplaying the conflict in Ukraine as a mere turf war. His timing couldn’t have been worse. On Friday, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague issued arrest warrants for Putin and his Commissioner for Children’s Rights for unlawful deportation of children from Ukraine. Take that DeSantis!

• In a huge win for the Mar a Lago classified documents investigation, a federal judge ruled Trump’s attorney Evan Corcoran – who attested in writing that there were no more classified documents at the Trump residence – must provide additional testimony to the grand jury.

All of this on top of Democrats continuing to fight for student loan debt relief, social security, Medicare, and our Constitutional rights to bodily autonomy and freedom of speech. When it comes to good guys on the Left, verses evil on the Right, the Left has pulled the plug and the Right is circling the drain.

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