All hands on deck in Manhattan


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New York City is a city that never sleeps. And right now, it looks like they will be sleeping even less as they’re quite busy with their new task. And that new task involves tightening security.

This is an all-hands-on-deck effort. Local law enforcement. State law enforcement. The FBI. They’re all working as a cohesive unit to make sure security in NYC is tight and well taken care of.

New York City is reportedly doing this because they are preparing for a possible Donald John Trump indictment. It’s happening, people. According to at least five sources, this indictment could come down very soon.

So law enforcement is hard at work. They’re assessing, they’re planning, and they’re talking. Security around the Manhattan criminal court is being looked at and planned for. These plans are precautionary in nature. So who do these agencies include? They are:


The U.S. Secret service

The FBI’S joint terrorism task force

The New York State court

The Manhattan District Attorneys Office

And all are working together to ensure New York City has the best security possible.

“It’s coming!”

This is from people on Twitter who are joyfully watching as the preparations get underway.

“Are we going to have a street party?”

You know what, friends and readers? I would not be surprised if there were MULTIPLE street parties. I would not be surprised to see people dancing in the streets, when this indictment hits. New Yorkers are a tough lot, and they certainly know how to celebrate when good news comes their way.

I want to stress that no charges have been filed at the time of this writing. But it’s coming. It’s coming and when it does come, all hell (and heaven) will break loose. Are you ready, Donald?



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