The Trump-McConnell implosion is underway

Donald Trump has come out in his own craven way to lobby to replace Mitch McConnell as Senate Minority Leader. This should be taken as a very welcome development for the Democrats. Any fracture of the lock-step solidarity of the GOP should be seen as a god-send. That Trump’s blundering is doomed to failure is beside the point. It’s the effort to replace GOP leadership that is important.
Blundering or not.

It is Trump’s M.O. to sow discord and division. That’s his primary tactic (if such blind-hog bumbling can be called a ‘tactic’); to cause chaos and then re-establish some sense of order that plays to your own advantage.

It’s also part of Donald’s personal history to muck up whatever his latest obsession is and fail miserably at it. (He failed as a casino owner! That speaks volumes all on its own.) So, this senseless attempt to undermine GOP leadership will fail in its goal. Mitch will remain king of the roost. No one has the stones to go against the old rooster.

However, Trump has caused each of those he’s approached regarding this left-field notion to question Mitch’s position as ‘King of the Hill’ at the very least. The possibility of such a move against leadership now intrigues those whose aspirations exceed their present grasp.

That is what Schumer, Pelosi the rest of the Dem leadership should relish at. It’s the Schadenfrude Follies, adding a new wrinkle to the Byzantine plot of the Trumpian GOP saga.

Perhaps a letter writing campaign encouraging the Orange Doofus to step up his inept attempt to throw a spanner into the works of the GOP would be going a bit far. Best leave him to his own devices.

At the battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon Bonaparte reportedly told his marshals, “When your enemy is executing a false movement, never interrupt him.” In some circles, the same sentiment is attributed to Sun Tzu. The source is of less concern than its wisdom. Let’s sit back and watch the implosion. Anyone bring popcorn?

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