Florida Governor candidate Nikki Fried takes center stage

Florida is hurting. Since Covid reared its ugly head, approximately 51,240 individual Floridians have died. Just think about that number. It’s mind boggling. And there is little doubt that Governor Ron DeSantis must share much of the blame for this.

But, now we have a couple really strong Democratic candidates running to replace Florida’s killer Governor. One of them is Nikki Fried. Fried has asked President Biden (I love saying those words), to put a delay on Covid treatment reductions.

“While federal health officials have set Florida’s allocation of treatment doses at 30,950, I am concerned that more residents may need to avail themselves than doses will be available”, Fried wrote in a letter to President Biden.

Fried is doing more to help Florida, than Florida’s own Governor. That is why we must help her win. She is showing herself to be courageous and fiery. We must put an end to the misery Florida has been put through.

And lastly — thank you Nikki for your comments on Gabby Petito. This is a tragic and heartbreaking story and our thoughts are also with the Petito family.

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