Tucker Carlson got this guy killed

The ramifications from Fox death-news are rampant. On CNN’s “New Day,” the daughter of a Covid victim said her dad did not need to die. She also explained her dad was not far-right. He liked to get his news from many different sources. Tragically, he passed away after contracting Covid.

His daughter, Katie, said he had watched some Tucker Carlson videos online about the virus which unfortunately made him a bit wary, and he wanted to wait for FDA approval. I am hopeful that there exists somewhere, a few good lawyers who may hear about this as well as other cases and sue the crap out of the hate network.

The time is now. The network has made so many suffer. It is time for them to face consequences and the best way to make that happen is through the green piles of cash the vile network treasures above all else.

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