The science of things

There has been much talk about the Biden administration turning to science for solutions to the crises facing the world: the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Climate Change, Economic Inequality, and on and on.

Reliance on Science makes for a wonderful motto. It’s brief, to the point and it rhymes! Hurray! At long last we have an administration which doesn’t rely on endemic ignorance, inherent superstition and the distorted lens through which psychotics view the world.

It must be pointed out (again and again) that Science is not a belief system. It matters not a whit that anyone takes the theory of gravity on ‘faith’. (If you step from a high place, you will fall. Period.) There is no wiggle room afford you for your doubt in the theory or ‘faith’ in a Higher Power. Apply sufficient heat to a pot of water at sea level and the water will boil; water, in its liquid form will move to its gaseous form. Again, it doesn’t matter what your personal idiosyncrasies are. Physics doesn’t rely on your ‘feelings’ or proclivities.

Science is the examination and discovery of the rules of nature. President Biden (Feels good to write that!) has determined that science is the key to solving and mitigating the problems which the previous, inept and incompetent administration pooh-poohed, ignored and claimed fraudulent.


Science is not a fraud. Reliance on science will be provide redemption from the malicious and egregious errors which has brought such suffering to the world.

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