Some of Trump’s biggest supporters now want to testify against him

With Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial set to begin in less than a fortnight, things are starting to get even worse for him. While only five Republican Senators voted in favor of holding the trial at all, with the rest claiming it was somehow unconstitutional despite all facts to the contrary, this impeachment trial will be different that Trump’s first one. One major difference is that Democrats now hold the majority in the Senate and therefore have enough votes to control what rules are used for the trial. Unlike last time, this one could actually have witnesses.

One individual who appears eager to testify before the Senate jurors is Jacob Chansley, also known as the Qanon Shaman. Once a devout supporter of Trump, Chansley was recently turned off when he did not receive a pardon during Trump’s final days in office. Obviously, if Chansley hadn’t participated in the seditious insurrection on our nation’s Capitol building he wouldn’t be facing charges that would necessitate a pardon, but that’s another story. According to the Associated Press, Chanley’s lawyer, Albert Watkins, states that Chansley wants to testify during the upcoming impeachment trial. Watkins claims that his client feels “like he was betrayed by the president” and is no longer “horrendously smitten” by Trump.

This could very well just be a legal maneuver in an attempt to appear no longer a cult member and possibly gain a lesser sentence in the future. But the fact the guy known as the Qanon Shaman, someone who regurgitated all the insane conspiracy theories and attended rallies like a teenage fan at a boy band concert, is now willing to publicly call out and blame Trump for all of his indiscretions is quite the turnaround. Trump has only been out of office for a handful of days but if some of his top supporters are already turning on him it cannot bode well for his future.

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