The Republicans find themselves facing serious disapproval ratings

Although recently released, an unusually complicated Pew Research Poll was conducted in early March that did not give President Biden the extremely high marks that other polls have reflected recently, but rather than gauging simple approval, over 12,000 surveyed were questioned about four different levels of approval.

Biden’s approval was 65% for his handling the pandemic; 56% on both the economy and foreign policy; 55% on race relations; 53% on immigration as well as law enforcement and criminal justice, but 52% disapproval for failing to unite the country. Biden’s overall job performance was 54%, with 42% disapproval. By comparison, Trump’s approval during this same time period after taking office was 44% — lower than any other president since this poll began (with President Reagan).

Biden’s Covid relief package received 70% approval. Biden also had positive ratings on his personal traits and characteristics: 66% for standing up for what he believes in; 62% for caring about the needs of ordinary people; 58% for being a good role model; 57% for honesty; and 54% for mental sharpness.

Voters viewed the GOP unfavorably by 60%. Only 48% said the GOP respects democratic institutions; and only 41% believe it governs in an honest and ethical way.

Within the GOP, only 43% were accepting of those who criticize Trump, while 56% said they should not be accepted. Only 25% were accepting of those who voted to impeach Trump.

This presents a huge conundrum for Republicans going forward, and is not likely to change anytime soon, unless there is a huge GOP shake-up, causing significant alteration of voters’ low impression and expectations of them. GOP voters do not want to be represented by Republicans critical of Trump in any way, yet this is likely a major cause for Americans’ disapproval of the GOP in all categories.


By pleasing and catering to its radical base (the overwhelming majority of what is left), Republicans are setting themselves up for election losses for years to come, unless they are successful restricting and suppressing the Democratic vote. But I’m betting Democrats will be turning out in droves, regardless. Let’s just hope our votes will count.

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