Matt Gaetz federal criminal probe expands to include election rigging in Florida

Donald Trump and his allies spent a remarkable amount of time making the baseless claim that the 2020 presidential election was somehow rigged against him. Trump and his ilk are always projecting, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the federal criminal investigation into Matt Gaetz has expanded to include election rigging.

In a lengthy expose, the New York Times has revealed that the Feds are investigating whether Matt Gaetz and a Florida lobbyist discussed entering a sham candidate into a 2020 State Senate race, in order to split the vote. Doing so is a felony, as it’s an attempt at rigging an election.

Notably, this comes just three weeks after former Florida State Senator Frank Artiles was arrested for recruiting a sham candidate; it’s unclear if there’s a connection. But we do know this: if the Feds are digging around into Gaetz’s corrupt relationships with Florida political operatives, this is going to run deep.

Federal investigations tend to expand to include wherever the evidence leads. In addition to being a sex trafficking probe, the Matt Gaetz investigation could quickly become a public corruption probe into the Florida political figures he associated with. We’ve been wondering if Gaetz would end up taking down the Florida Republican Party – which is overwhelmingly corrupt even by GOP standards – with him. It just might happen.

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