House Republican Adam Kinzinger stomps on Matt Gaetz

If the Republican Party were still functioning on any level, it would have called on Congressman Matt Gaetz to resign last week, so it could argue to voters in the middle that it took swift action against him. Instead the House Republican leadership has spent the past week hemming and hawing and trying to pretend Gaetz didn’t exist. Now that the details of the scandal have gotten even uglier, the GOP has missed its opportunity to score any points.

But even as the Republican leadership continues to act like none of this is happening, House Republican Adam Kinzinger is now calling for Matt Gaetz to resign. Kinzinger is notable in that he also voted to impeach Trump, and has taken other stands against his party.


We’re not surprised that Kinzinger is doing this; he appears to have decided awhile ago that he’s just going to do whatever he wants, and he doesn’t care what Republican leadership thinks of him. But it’s truly embarrassing for the Republican Party that Kinzinger is calling for Matt Gaetz’s ouster before anyone in the Republican leadership is.

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