The Republicans aren’t done trying to cheat

Republicans are tapped out. The GOP isn’t an inclusive party, its appeal is limited, and it’s a party that consists of a fading demographic. When a political party’s primary platform is manufactured white grievance, its expansion opportunities are nil. Our country’s demographics are evolving, and inertness like the Republicans suffer from isn’t a winning formula for their future.

But our work isn’t done, and we can’t become complacent. We have to contend with GOP-led voter suppression. Republicans can’t win fairly; they rely on practices like the racist-begot Electoral College and the codification of obstacles intended to suppress the vote amongst demographics that aren’t inclined to vote for Republicans. Losing the presidency and both U.S. Senate seats in Georgia this past election cycle will cause Republicans to redouble their efforts to suppress the vote in the Empire State of the South. Georgia won’t be the only state to see Republicans amp up voter-suppression efforts.

Per Democracy Docket attorney Marc Elias, resistance won’t be enough. We must continue to combat GOP-led voter suppression, and we must maintain our resolve. The tactics the Republicans have planned in states like Georgia are brazen disenfranchisement ‒ they know they can only win through dishonest measures. As we relish the relief we feel with the new administration and look forward to the good it will do, we can’t get too comfortable. Democracy is messy and it’s hard work. Let’s continue our get-out-the-vote efforts, and let’s reach out to our congressional representatives and urge them to protect and expand voting rights. And most of all, let’s continue to show up for every election, even the less glamorous ones. If our votes didn’t matter, the right wouldn’t try so hard to derogate them.

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