The real story in the California Governor recall race

People, it is almost here. And what is that? It is the California recall election. Soon, it will be nothing but a distant memory, and I, for one, cannot wait. So, in these last few days — what can we do? There are many options available.

We can continue to phone bank, put up fliers, put notes on our social media, and remind friends and family to vote. But there are other things. Please — if you can — make a list of everybody you know in California. Look at who might not have voted yet and who might be persuadable. And then reach out to them.

We must make sure that the people who may not know of the race vote. To that end, fliers set up in prominent spots seen by many would appear to be an excellent option. Signs set up where it is legal to do so is also an idea. EVERY Californian should be aware of this race and what California stands to lose.

The GOP has now amusingly begun to turn on Elder. Per multiple reports, many in the insurrection party feel Elder actually weaponized the race and motivated Democrats. The reason they think that is because Elder’s ideas are so conservative and out of step with most Californians.

Man in the GOP has called some of his comments amateurish and silly, and several GOP members have said Elder would cost them votes. That is all well and good, but we still need to act like we’re behind. The stakes are much too high for anything else. So as these next few days fly by and the day of reckoning looms in our path, keep up the great work and fight like the activists you are.

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