President Biden has absolutely had it with these fools

President Biden has had it with the anti-vaxxers. It is sad that you must treat people like children to get them to understand the importance of their actions or, in this case, non-actions. We had a brief sigh of relief that Covid would be defeated, and then, the Delta variant began to run rampant across the country. It certainly did not help that people continued to resist getting the vaccine. Nothing can go back to normal until we get this virus under control, including the economy. Republican governors are already having a fit, which means President Biden did a good thing.

WSB News reported that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp called President Biden’s actions an “unlawful overreach” and proclaimed he will “pursue every legal option available” to stop the mandate from taking effect in Georgia. This from the governor of a state that languishes in the bottom six states for vaccinations. This same report revealed that Georgia has 1,144,884 newly confirmed cases of the virus and 20,453 deaths. Our disabled children are being run out of public schools because they cannot get the free education to which they are entitled while Covid rages. Had Kemp done his job as governor, Georgia would not be in its current position. That means he has no grounds upon which to base any complaints.

Like Kemp, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is quoted as saying, “We will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian,” ABC 15 News reported. An interesting choice of words, given that Covid is endangering everyone who refuses to protect themselves from the virus, as well as anyone with whom they come in contact. As of September 10, South Carolina has 784,052 cases and 11,149 deaths, and their vaccination rate is very closely aligned with Georgia’s. While McMaster and others in South Carolina have the freedom to die if they choose, they do not have the freedom to take others with them. You can see a clear pattern in Republican controlled states. While these governors rail about “freedoms” and refuse to do anything to get their populations vaccinated, they are themselves vaccinated. There is something just a little hypocritical about that.

Republican-controlled legislatures are already getting geared up to sue President Biden and/or the federal government, and President Biden has already given them his response: “Have at it.” Say what you will about the president, but he is not backing down. In fact, as CNN’s Chris Cillizza pointed out, he is staking his presidency on this. Few presidents—and certainly not the last faux president—lay their professional lives on the line for others, but Joe Biden is willing to do just that. Joe Biden is and always has been an honorable man. He tried placating the unvaccinated, and he tried pleading with them. Nothing worked. Perhaps this will. Regardless of what anyone else thinks of President Biden’s mandate, his goal is to save lives, and for that, we should be grateful.

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