The next Donald Trump

The MAGA-mutts are not just deplorables; they are contemptible. Actually, they are beneath contempt but they are not beyond pity – or sympathy at least. Not that I’m getting all mushy about MAGA-mutts. No. But… 
They were played like cheap violins and, to their shame, they were eager, willing marks. Trump played them and now many refuse to acknowledge that they were marks. They stormed the Capitol and bought into the con. They bought into Donald Trump. Nearly a half-dozen dead, they played the con so thoroughly.

But Trump wasn’t the only one playing the yokels. QAnon plays them as fools. So do the Anti-Vaxxer nudniks and the Anti-Maskers and the gun-rights/ammosexual/Incel/Proud Boy/OathKeepers. So do…

Well, you get the picture. Suckers get played. It would seem that a considerable chunk of the American electorate were played; 74,000,000 or so of them, in fact. Marjorie Taylor Greene and schmucks like her play both ends of the field; as a mark and as a shill for the grifters.

It should be known that Greene is certainly the most out-spoken of the MAGA/Q breed of loonies in Congress but she is not the only one. Lauren Boebert is most assuredly another. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), is definitely in contention for QAnon-hood. How many more Republicans in the House and Senate are under the perverse, psychotic sway of Q? Or, are anti-science Ludites. Or white nationalists? Or are adherents or dabblers in any of the false ideologies that plague our society?


An end to the GOP as a political party would address a lot of issues but there would still be about 74,000,000 loose ends looking for a new cult-leader or a ‘sacred’ crusade. It leaves us with the question: What are we to do about ‘Uncle MAGA’, the poor dear?

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