Josh Hawley has a whole new scandal

Senator Josh Hawley and his family had a good time on his donors’ dime. FEC records show the Republican Senator used $197 in campaign funds to pay for junk food from places like Voodoo Doughnut and Lard Lad during a family trip to Universal Studios back in March.

Republican lawmakers are making their attempts to destroy democracy a family affair. Hawley and his family were at the park to partake in a lobbyist retreat hosted by Senator Roy Blunt’s Rely on Your Belief’s PAC, which spent over $4,500 on admission, including tickets for Hawley, his wife, and two children.

Hawley has spent his short congressional career attempting to turn his bootlicking into presidential gold by cozying up to Trump. The latest data shows he might be failing in this effort.

Hawley’s loyalty to Trump has not given him the name recognition he needs for a successful presidential bid. According to the latest data, only 51% conservative voters are familiar enough with him to have even formed an opinion.


While Hawley continues his pathetic attempt to become a household name by unironically claiming his First Amendment rights are being violated on national press platforms, his wife is moving forward with a criminal case against an activist for exercising his first amendment rights last month by staging a peaceful prosecute outside the Hawley family’s Washington, D.C. home. It looks like hypocrisy is Hawley family value.

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