The honeymoon is over

Any doubts that that the GQP / Mitt Romney honeymoon is now over were extinguished at the Utah GQP State convention that was held yesterday. While the censure motion the GQP raised against Romney failed when Romney got up to speak he was roundly booed by most of the participants at the bund mee…excuse me I meant convention. The booing was something that the ever concerned Susan Collins (GQP-ME) found “appalling.”

Even though Romney tried to remind the GQP delegates that he had serious issues with the former guy’s moral character and that he and his family had a long history in the GQP, the delegates still booed him. Not even Romney asking the delegates if they were embarrassed got them to stop. It was only when outgoing GQP chair Derek Brown demanded the delegates show some respect for Romney.

Yeah, well Susan and Mitt, you both enabled the former guy in so many ways. You both were right there to support him when he tried to dismantle our country. When he was busily taking rights away from others and enriching himself and his buddies you were right there to support him. You both made excuses for the former guy all the time. So I really don’t care if the GQP no longer has any use for you.

This entire episode shows how far to the Reich the party has shifted over the past couple decades. That shift had been going on well before former guy got in too. This is no longer a political party, but a fascist movement determined to destroy democracy and who worships at the altar of a giant orange golden calf. It shows why Democrats must work to defeat the Republicans at all levels of government.

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