Rudy Giuliani is now demanding money from Donald Trump while deciding whether to flip on him

For the Feds to have obtained enough evidence to get a raid warrant for Rudy Giuliani’s home, it means they already had enough evidence to nail him before the raid. Rudy is completely screwed. The only question is whether he realizes it and decides to cut a plea deal, or if he’s delusional enough to think he can beat the rap at trial.

It looks like Rudy is now trying to figure out how he wants to play this. The New York Times says that Rudy and his allies are calling for Donald Trump to start paying Rudy’s legal bills. This isn’t actually illegal, believe it or not, as you’re allowed to pay the legal bills of a potential witness against you. But it’s nonetheless pretty clear that Rudy is demanding money from Trump in exchange for not flipping on him.

So now Trump, who is facing his own worsening financial troubles, has to decide whether to pay Rudy’s legal bills in the hope of shutting him up, or to just roll the dice and hope that if Rudy flips on him it won’t be enough to get Trump convicted. It’s also possible that Trump could pay Rudy’s off legal bills, and then Rudy could still cut a plea deal.

We’ll see where this goes. But at the least it suggests that under the right circumstances, Rudy Giuliani will flip on Donald Trump without thinking twice. Meanwhile, with Trump facing the prospect of huge legal bills for his inevitable criminal trial in New York on state charges, can he afford to also pay Rudy’s legal bills just to try to avoid federal charges?

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