The end of the Republican Party

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The debacle in Afghanistan – initiated by the GOP – is being finally brought to a calamitous close by a Democrat. We are here witness to the bare mechanics of GOP strategy and the ’enduring failure’ of their aggressive/passive approach to all problems. They will initiate a doomed enterprise (such as the invasion of Afghanistan) and then ignore it until it is far too late in every way. Then, when all hope is lost, they will bemoan all the missteps and errors that themselves, instigated which led to collapse and failure; aggressive/passive.

The failing GOP response to the pandemic has been much the same; deny everything at every phase and dig in their heels with righteous indignation at every plausible remedy. First, deny that there is a virus. Then deny that it’s air-borne. Then deny that the virus is serious. Then deny that the virus is in the US. Deny. Deny. Deny. Above all, never address the problem directly but rather invent a non-problem as a distraction.

Another aspect of the GOP strategy is their nonsensical, quixotic attack of every windmill they see. Much of their initial attack at the onset of the pandemic was on China, the suspected source of the virus in China. (China as a bogieman plays well with the MAGA/Q-crew.) Their incessant assault has targeted the entire world-wide health-care system, the efficacy of the vaccines, the effects of the vaccine, the Biden vaccination plans, and Dr Fauci, himself – personally! Not content with the damage done, the GOP/MAGA/Q went after the entire vaccinated population of the US as well as all those who dared to tempt the anger of the gods of ‘Free-dumb’ by wearing a mask as recommended by the CDC.

GOP address climate change in this same way.

Their over-all strategy is quite formulaic. Sad to say, the formula works. It has worked to deny Americans universal health care. It has worked to thwart efforts to curtail the pandemic. It has worked to stymie any coherent response to the climate crisis.

The GOP strategy of mal-administration, non-governance, foot-dragging and a persistent, blatant denial of reality has relegated the USA to a lower tier on nearly every metric among developed nations. It has worked to the distinct disadvantage of all concerned. It might be called the Strategy of ‘Shooting Oneself in the Head’.

Therefore, it is hereby proposed that the GOP be brought to an end, before the GOP brings us all to a most unpleasant end.

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