Matt Gaetz is panicking


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The fool had always been lucky. He was born in the great state of Florida, the son of a prominent Florida politician. He was well-educated and became an attorney. From there, it was a natural thing for the fool to go into politics.

He was elected to the House of Representatives in the year 2016. He was riding a wave of hubris. His arrogance soared as his ego took him over completely. He became known as a controversial person. He had a reputation for saying and doing bizarre things. He adored the former guy and made sure to let the public know it.

But with fools, it is always a gamble. And with this particular fool, his excellent luck turned on him-and spit in his face.

In March of 2021, it was announced the fool was under investigation by the DOJ. He was being investigated for sex trafficking.

Many expected the fool to lawyer up and lay low. However, that was not the fool’s way. It would have been wise to follow this path, but when has a fool ever made the right decision?

Instead, he doubled down. He found a new safe space on Twitter where his tweets became increasingly deranged. He boasted of his brilliance. He vowed to run for President if the former guy did not. He launched a hate tour with a partner in fury. He began to look tired. His hair looked matted and uncombed. Still, the fool fought for relevance.

This week, the fool made yet another bizarre statement accusing Democrats of being “terrified” that the former guy would run for House speaker.

“They’re scared,” the fool wrote on Twitter.


But like all fools, Matt Gaetz had it wrong. It was Gaetz who was scared. It is Gaetz who sits before his keyboard, banging out brash statement after brash statement. And with each comment he makes, his fear shines through. He cannot recognize his fear, but we can. That’s why we’re not fools.


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