The Brett Kavanaugh scandal just took a turn for the super ugly

‘Good faith’ is not something the Republicans are good at. Exemplary cases supporting that hypothesis abound. Examples are offered on a daily basis by the ‘bad faith’ actions of the GQP/MAGA/Q Party of dunderheads and liars. (But I’m getting ahead of myself…)

Take the six ridiculous ‘dick-picks’ of Kevin McCarthy for the Select Committee investigating Jan 6; spiteful bad faith. The only attack on the US Capitol in history instigated and abetted by the sitting president and serving members of Congress, but Kevvy can’t take it seriously, so he intentionally screws the pooch by acting in bad faith.

McCarthy knew with great certitude that Madam Speaker would reject Gym ‘I Saw Nothing’ Jordan’s inclusion in the Select Committee, as well as Jim Banks of Indiana, who also voted twice against impeachment and voted to reject the certification of the 2020 election for POTUS. Yes! Quite the dick move, Kevvy.

Or consider the appointment of Brett ‘Brewski’ Kavanaugh to SCOTUS. As recently revealed in the New York Times, (Yes, the ‘failing New York Times’ still putters along…) Senator Sheldon Whitehouse revealed that the investigation into allegations against Brewski Brett was a sham and that the “fake tip line that never got properly reviewed, that was presumably not even conducted in good faith.”

To be clear, there were many assertions that Brett was not the man for the job. (Astute readers of the Palmer Report can google the testimony of Dr. Blasey Ford to refresh their memories.) To serve the whims of the Former Guy and the pathological hopes of Conservatives, all of the tips were swept under the poorly woven MAGA rug and ignored; another clear sign the GQP was acting in ‘bad faith’.


To rectify the MAGA dickishness, five Democratic senators on the Judiciary Committee have asked the FBI director, Christopher Wray, to clarify. We shall see what we shall see. To reword the old hippie maxim: ‘Never trust a Republican – no matter their age.’ That goes for Liz Cheney, too.

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