The tide turns against Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis wants to be the next Republican nominee for president. If we think Trump was bad, DeSantis will be a nightmare. DeSantis does everything wrong, yet people in Florida love him. It is as if he has some type of spell over them. If they would only take the time to see what havoc he has wrought on Florida, they may see him differently, but the Hill reports that he retains a better than 50% approval rating.

According to the Hill, DeSantis has “superstar status” among national Republicans. Why? Because Republicans generally do not care about people, they care about power, and DeSantis certainly wields his in Florida. DeSantis’s lack of concern for Florida residents is clear in his choice of merchandise labeled “Don’t Fauci My Florida.” Florida COVID rates continue to surge, and Florida now represents one in five new cases nationwide. People are no longer being vaccinated, and Florida’s Gulf Coast is suffering from something called “red tide,” which is defined as a discoloration of tidewater caused by toxins. According to Intercoastal Safaris, this phenomenon is dangerous to both humans and the environment. This site describes the effect as similar to tear gas: “First, you notice the smell, which isn’t so much a scent rather a tingling sensation in the nose that spreads into the throat and burns the lungs.” Ultimately, these toxins can cause respiratory illness, just like COVID. DeSantis is doing nothing about either.

DeSantis not only shows his disdain for the health of people in his state, but he is also the leader of a movement to ensure that Florida’s children are not taught the real history of the U.S. He has banned teaching critical race theory and instead signed bills requiring the teaching of “the evils of communism,” according to Blaze Media. He claims these bills promote “intellectual diversity,” but the teaching they do allow has absolutely nothing to do with diversity. According to the Orlando Sentinel, so-called Christian schools in Florida are teaching strange subjects, such as “the Loch Ness Monster may be real,” “humans lived with dinosaurs,” and “slaves who ‘knew Christ’ were better off than free men who did not.” All these notions are false and harmful.

The “teachers” in these schools use textbooks and workbooks from three Christian publishing companies, which according to the Sentinel, “downplay the horrors of slavery and the mistreatment of Native Americans.,” but they go even further. One book claims that “most black and white southerners had long lived together in harmony” until “power-hungry individuals stirred up the people.” What a crock. To make matters worse, many of the “teachers” in these schools are not fully educated nor qualified to teach anyone, and some even have criminal records. Yet, Florida taxpayers pay the bulk of tuition via vouchers and “scholarships,” making yet another case against voucher programs.

This only begins to scratch the proverbial surface of the problems with Ron DeSantis. He should not be trusted to lead Florida, let alone the U.S. DeSantis is Trump 2.0, but he is more dangerous because he is not stupid; he is hateful, useless, and is single-handedly trying to destroy the educational system. If Florida loves him, let them keep him.

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