Legal expert: the indictment coming against Matt Gaetz is going to be “worth the wait”

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Last month federal prosecutors let it be known through the media that they were looking to criminally indict Matt Gaetz sometime in July. Of course we’re now three-quarters of the way through July, leading some observers to wonder if it’s really going to happen. But two things come into play here.

First, prosecutors clearly wanted the public to have the expectation that the Gaetz bust would happen in July. So if the timetable has changed, then prosecutors would likely have let it be known through the media by now.

Second, there’s the fact that Joel Greenberg – a Matt Gaetz associate who recently pleaded guilty to many of the same crimes that Gaetz is being investigated for – recently asked for and received a delay in his sentencing hearing so he could get credit for the results he’s helping to produce. So this directly points to big things happening soon as a result of Greenberg’s cooperation.

In a tweet today, former New York Assistant Attorney General Tristan Snell cited Greenberg’s delayed sentencing hearing and said that when it comes to the Matt Gaetz indictment watch, “I think this is going to be worth the wait.”

We’re inclined to agree. We all know that federal prosecutors tend to work methodically to build the kind of comprehensive case that they believe will result in a near-guaranteed conviction, before bringing charges. The fact that the Matt Gaetz criminal case has taken this long to build is not an indicator that there’s something wrong with the case. Instead, particularly when accounting for the Greenberg situation, it’s an indicator that the Feds are likely building a massive case against Gaetz.

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