The big Republican anti-vaxxer bailout

The COVID epidemic has gained a new foothold among unvaccinated Americans.
It has been widely reported that well over 99 percent of new COVID cases are among the unvaccinated.

Treating physicians are increasingly blaming right-wing media outlets for the widespread misinformation undermining their patients’ belief in the benefits of vaccination against the dangers of COVID.

They point to pro-GOP media misinformation mongers on Fox News and its wannabe networks who have constantly downplayed the dangers of COVID and ridiculed public health experts like Dr. Fauci, who urge Americans to take preventive measures such as vaccination, mask wearing, and social distancing.

But maybe these doctors have made an impact as some of the anti-vaxxer TV talking heads have either suddenly developed consciences or awakened to their potential legal liability exposure for their COVID misinformation campaign.

Sean Hannity is now telling his viewers that COVID is serious and urging them to get vaccinated. One of the “Fox and Friends” hosts has also softened his anti-vaxxer views. The CEO of Newsmax has actually applauded President Biden for his efforts to get masses of people vaccinated. However, he tempers the praise and throws a bone to his Trump cult viewers with overblown claims that Biden is only continuing the successful work of his predecessor.

It remains to be seen whether other right-wing propagandists will transform into pro-vaxxers. Unfortunately, it’s too late to undo the needless illnesses and deaths among those influenced by the deliberate falsehoods against COVID prevention spread by Fox News and its broadcast partners in crime.

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