Liz Cheney gets her revenge on Kevin McCarthy

You know I just have to say it. Watching Congresswoman Liz Cheney slowly chip away at Kevin McCarthy’s image is deeply satisfying as well as highly amusing.

Cheney (has got spunk, insurrection party, Wyoming) is not someone I would ever in a million years vote for. But one has to admire her epic takedown of Mr. Kevin (such a joke, insurrection party, California.)

I also want to take a minute to express my sympathies to the people of California for having this guy represent them.

Anyway, Cheney looks like she will be a great addition to the January sixth committee. AND I like what she is saying about Mr. Kev-I like it a lot.

In remarks this week, Cheney said she agreed with Warrior Pelosi’s decision not to seat two of McCarthy’s picks-Jim One and Jim two.

She also said she thinks McCarthy’s lack of “commitment to the constitution” should be a disqualifier in his being House speaker if the GOP happens to win in the Mid-terms.


I so agree! I do wonder if McCarthy is possibly regretting his disturbing actions regarding Cheney. It can’t be fun to have it turned back on him. But he does deserve every bit of it, so there isn’t any reason we can’t enjoy the epic McCarthy takedown.

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