Even for Tucker Carlson, this is completely deranged

There is some significant Cognitive dissonance going on in the Republican party.

In fact, there is too much to count. But one thing that must be noted is the tide that is (not so slowly) beginning to flow against the police.

It’s common knowledge that the GOP does not back the Blue and never have. They only back them when they get something out of it.

But as bad as that is, it would seem now certain GOP members are going out of their way to MOCK the police-the very people who fought for them on January 6th.

It appears nothing is too down and dirty for the insurrection party.

Tucker Carlson is the perfect example of this behavior. This week, Mr. Carlson decided to wage war on Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn on his horrible show.

Dunn was there on January 6th. He fought with everything in him. The man is a hero. He represents the best of humanity.

Only it seems Tucker disagrees. Because on his show, he labeled this hero “an angry left-wing political activist.”

Dunn is expected to testify on July 27th about the Capitol insurrection. Somehow, I think that MAY have something to do with this attack (sarcasm.)

It is worth noting that Dunn is black. He was called horrible names by the MAGA terrorists that awful day including the N-word.

“Dunn has very little in common with your average cop,” the hate machine known as Tucker spat out.
Dunn did respond and condemned both Tucker and Fox Non-news for allowing him to do this.


Did you know #USAAwalkaway is a thing on Twitter? They’re one of Carlson’s advertisers. Hmm. I am sticking with my prediction that this man will be off the air sometime in the next year or two. I could be wrong. It would take a lot. But he is getting more evil and drunk on power with each passing day, and I think there will come a day when it will happen. Let’s work to do our part to make that happen.

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