Susan Collins is who we thought she was

In my view the only woman that Susan Collins supports is herself, and her reasoning is clear — her own political future, NOT the well-being of women everywhere.

Susan Collins has shown us yet again recently that she is NO supporter of women by her announcement that she would not support a FEDERAL law already on the books upholding abortion rights. Then she adds insult to injury by supporting Paul LePage in his bid to become Maine’s next governor again. Paul LePage is an extreme conservative anti-abortionist.

These two announcements truly mean Collins should NEVER get another vote from a woman, nor should any candidate she supports.

Back in the day when Amy Coney Barrett was going through her confirmation process, Collins did vote ‘No’ on her confirmation and that took the heat off of her while labeling her a ‘moderate’ on issues. Collins is NO MODERATE on women’s health issues, she is laying down with her male GOP dirty dogs. But the moderate label going into her re-election campaign surely helped her win.

So when do women everywhere, and especially Maine, understand that all Susan Collin is, is a liar. Remember what she said, NOW, because in the years to come, she will say something different — but in no way, will she have changed. She is anti-abortion, NOW and will be NO MATTER what.

Who she supports will always be ‘anti-abortionists’ and Maine women, need to employ the power of their vote to keep them OUT of office. You made a mistake sending Collins back to Washington, don’t keep making the same mistake with others running for office, PLEASE for the sake of ALL women.

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