New polling in Texas is good news for the Democrats

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Lots of news in regards to the vile Texas law, turning human beings into bounty hunters. And I am pleased to say all the news is good for our side. There has been a temporary hold put on the enforcement of the Texas handmaid law. Thank you, Merrick Garland!

But there is also polling news. And this shows terrible news for the Republican party. There is a new poll out. And it shows the abortion law in Texas is motivating DEMOCRATS. Lake Research and Emerson College conducted this poll along with the nonprofit organization, All In Together. The poll’s findings were stunning.

The results of the poll show that this issue is hitting home with Democrats big-time. Because in this poll, a whopping 59 percent of respondents said the horrible new law makes them “more interested” in voting in 2022.

And of all the groups polled — including Republicans and independents — the results show that Democrats are the MOST motivated. The findings say almost seventy percent of Democrats are more motivated to vote because of said law. Nearly fifty percent of independents said they too were more motivated to vote because of this law.

This is excellent news and clearly shows Democrats are fired up and passionate about this issue. And the fact that so many independents are ALSO fired up is excellent news indeed.

Some would argue that there is no way of knowing with clarity that independents are on our side. I’m afraid I have to disagree. Given that most of the country is pro-choice, I think it is a fair conclusion to surmise most independents find this new law abhorrent. There’s nothing better than some excellent news! Hopefully, very soon, this vile law will be struck down for good.

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