Mike Pence is making a complete fool of himself

Very occasionally, a story comes along that leaves one speechless. Such a story has come along and done it for me. This all has to do with Mike Pence. Pence (pitiful, insurrection party, Indiana) seems to have become unhinged. I suppose this should not be surprising. Anyone who spends time with assolini does change. And never for the better.

It does not help that Mike Pence wants power. He seems to feel that to get it, he must try and curry favor with the very people who wanted him dead. Mikey is accusing the media of trying to “demean” the character of MAGA. What’s more, he says the press “keeps talking” about “one day in January.”

To hear Pence tell it, that day was a simple cakewalk. Perhaps it was a breezy picnic, where people came together to eat, drink and be merry. Bullshit. January sixth was the day American terrorists tried to topple our democracy. It was the day blood was spilled in the Capitol. It was the day a permanent mark was left on our country — a stain, if you will, of nightmarish proportions.

It was the day that we watched some of our fellow citizens turn into vicious and raging animals with no consciences as they tried to take down what MILLIONS have fought for.

What does Mike Pence hope to accomplish with his fake rhetoric? He will not be elected President. Nobody likes him on either side. HOW has he not realized this?

I remember the days when Assolini was in office, and there was this one day. Pence was sitting next to him and would not speak unless Assolini told him to. What is he, a dog? (This would be doing a disservice to dogs.)


Does the man not have a staff? Friends? SOMEONE, to tell him what a fool he is making of himself? I suppose he does not. Or he is not willing to listen. Mike Pence will never be President. He will never be beloved in the hearts of MAGA. That he is trying to minimize January sixth at all tells us more about him than anything he ever did while in office.

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