Strike three for House Republican Madison Cawthorn


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There are so many disturbed members of the Republican party, that it would be almost impossible to pick the most disturbed. But I think it is safe to say that Rep. Madison Cawthorn , most definitely makes the top of the list.

In fact, I will go further. I would venture to say that Cawthorn is one sick puppy. And I very rarely say someone is as bad as Don the Con, but I will say that about Cawthorn. The man needs serious help, and someone close to him should make sure he gets it.

You may remember Palmer Report brought you the story about how this man tried to smuggle a gun onto an airplane. Thankfully he was caught. Well, now Cawthorn has been caught smuggling a knife into a school board meeting.

According to the Henderson County Sheriff’s office, Cawthorne has been warned. I wish I could say his ass was thrown into a jail cell, but no such luck yet. I say the word yet because I am sure it’s only a matter of time, if he keeps behaving like this. What kind of person behaves like this?

I do not know if this was a publicity stunt or what, but I tend to think Hawthorn just has a passion for weapons. Do not forget he also talked about breaking the insurrectionists out of jail. We are not talking about somebody who plays with a full deck here.

Jay Carey is running against Cawthorn, and he was reportedly one of the first to spot the knife. He posted photos of it online, and kudos to him for doing that. We must get out the vote for Carey, so if you are on Twitter, please follow him.

Reportedly, the knife was hidden under Cawthorn‘s wheelchair. Just what was Cawthorn going to do with this knife? I ask this question because this is not normal behavior. Normal and well-adjusted human beings do not bring weapons of destruction to school board meetings.

So far the man has attempted to smuggle a gun onto a plane, and now a knife into a school board meeting. I wonder if this is going to be a three strikes and you’re out kind of thing.


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