These idiots are going to play right into our hands on September 18th

In spite of the ongoing sensationalism coming from the media and the pundits, January 6th wasn’t a “test run” for anything. It was a one-off, based on the element of surprise and Donald Trump still having control of federal law enforcement, and it still failed miserably. Just as January 20th was a non-event, so will be September 18th.

That doesn’t mean we can just ignore September 18th. Whenever right wingers threaten to gear up for something, the government must always meet them with much stronger forces, so the right wingers will cower like the snowflakes they are. Which is what the government has already said it’s going to do – and no, Trump isn’t in charge of the government this time.

The point is, we shouldn’t cower. You should spend all day on September 18th making fun of these right wingers for being the whiny fragile losers that they are. Do not assign them imaginary magical powers to overthrow the government; that only gives them leverage that they don’t otherwise have.

So sit back on September 18th, let these idiots get arrested and/or humiliate themselves, and then make sure the voters in the middle know that these whack job losers outside the Capitol are what now define the Republican Party. Point out the Democrats have no lunatic equivalent.


And once the January 6th Committee begins holding high profile televised hearings every day, remind voters in the middle that these right wing losers spent Sept 18th taking credit for the murderous and treasonous nature of January 6th. It wasn’t antifa; it was Trump Republicans.

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