Stephen Miller goes berserk

Despite the fact that the former guy refused to even allow President Biden a proper transition into the presidency, his senior advisor, Stephen Miller, is now claiming Biden was dealt a better hand than any president ever — obviously seething red, and green with envy, due to Biden’s superior staff and miraculous success.

The blatantly racist, xenophobic neo-fascist, who appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Thursday, ridiculously claimed, “No president in history has been dealt a better hand on day one than President Biden.” Miller then went on to tout what he claimed to be Trump’s major accomplishments, insinuating Biden simply rode Trump’s coat-tails to success. In truth and in fact, Trump rarely lifted a finger to do anything other than spew propaganda at campaign rallies, play golf, pout and and try to overthrow the election he lost, during the last six months of his presidency, at a minimum, culminating in inciting an insurrection. He did everything within his power to not only make Biden’s presidency difficult, but to prevent him from even taking office.

Par for the course on Hannity’s show, Miller had nothing to say that was true and accurate. He claimed, “The economy was primed to roar.” (We were in a depression with never-ending cars at food banks.) “We had more energy than we knew what to do with.” (Production had all but halted and prices kept falling due to plummeting demand.) Hannity let him tell a couple of more obvious lies. Not surprisingly, Miller did not even bring up the pandemic, with the US death rate at its highest during the weeks Trump left office and Biden assumed the presidency.


The only true advantage Trump afforded Biden was the stark contrast of Biden hitting the ground running, with total competency, genuine empathy, hard truths and integrity, as compared to Trump’s record-breaking lazy self-pity, ineptitude, selfishness, constant lies and corruption. What a relief and breath of fresh air!

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