Bad news for Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene


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I just love the state of California. Maybe you do as well. And after you read this particular story, perhaps you will love California even more! So, California is a state that doesn’t take any crap. And they especially do not take crap from insurrection supporters.

And this is precisely why California has stuck it to nobody’s favorite gruesome twosome. Rep. Matt Gaetz (in hiding on Twitter, insurrection party, Florida) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (wicked woman, insurrection party, Georgia) were planning to take their hate show to Laguna Hills, California. How exciting. The hate show was to happen on July 17.

Luckily, California wasn’t having it because the Golden State has canceled the event. Way to go, California! The general manager of the venue said, “We just want to stay clear of that.”

Apparently, when the event was first booked, the venue was not aware that it was to be an “America First Rally.”

“As soon as we found out who the speakers were, we immediately canceled it.”

This is terrific news, and frankly, other venues should take the hint and also cancel these loathsome events, which really consist of nothing more than two highly disturbed individuals hysterically screaming, and drowning their audiences in all-consuming hatred.


Naturally, Gaetz and Greene will most likely not take this news well and will accuse California of canceling them. But since nobody really cares what G&G says or thinks, it won’t matter. We applaud the decision of this venue. You rock, California!


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