South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has a whole new scandal

Remember the iconic film Wall Street? Remember the catchphrase from that movie? “Greed is good.” I do not happen to think it is. I think greed sucks. We’ve all seen real-life examples of greed in excess. Some of the biggest examples are the cruelty of Enron, and of course, one cannot forget Bernie Madoff. But we have a certain Governor who is showing her greed in a uniquely creative way. That Governor is South Dakota’s, Kristi Noem.

Noem (greedy, insurrection party, South Dakota) is not a good Governor. She has already declared she’d like to see stricter abortion laws — maybe something like what Texas has done. She puts Gilead’s handmaids to shame. But now, per The Daily Beast, Noem is being accused of something else. That something is a new desk that the handmaid has gifted herself with. What a lovely gift to reward one’s cruel self with! Only there are issues with this mysterious desk. First off is the price. It reportedly cost $9,000. That’s one heck of an expensive desk.

Second is what is part of that desk. You see, Noem demanded the desk add several features, forcing designers to double back on their work. And one of those “somethings” the pathetic Governor wanted was a gun holder. The story continues. Who do you suppose designed said desk? Perhaps it was hard-working carpenters and furniture designers, compensated well for their time.

Nope — you see, the people who worked on Noem’s disgusting desk were prisoners. They are from Pheasantland industries, the workshop of the prison. Per reporting, some of the prisoners’ work was designated as “training.” Noem also received a discount on the desk.

Greed is not good. It can warp a person’s character and leave them with an empty hole in their soul that requires lavish objects to feed that hole. Noem is a clear example of greed taken to the extreme. This scandal will undoubtedly be used against her come election time, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

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