Kevin McCarthy is giving away the game

Innocent people accused of a crime rarely try to hide anything. In fact, they will do whatever is necessary to prove their innocence, including allowing law enforcement to infiltrate their lives to look at evidence. Kevin McCarthy does not act like an innocent man. He threatened telecom and social media with consequences should they cooperate with the House Select Committee. The committee has not yet asked for any specific information. They have merely asked these companies to preserve records, which is typical in any type of investigation. In a court of law, deleting or otherwise disposing of pertinent records is called spoliation of evidence, and doing so can come with a hefty price tag, including fines or a judgment in the other party’s favor. Companies with no proverbial dog in the fight have absolutely no reason not to comply with such requests, but those who believe their guilt may show through those records have everything at stake.

The fact that McCarthy and others sought to overturn the 2020 election results even after the Capitol was vandalized says a lot about them. McCarthy now seeking to impede an investigation says even more. Speaking on condition of anonymity to the Guardian, one source said that the committee considers McCarthy’s behavior “harassment, at best, and at worst, obstruction of justice.” Could it be that McCarthy has something to hide? It certainly seems that way. Why else would he insert himself into the middle of the committee’s investigation? Appointing two of the worst fellow Trump apologists—Jordan and Banks—to sit on the committee was bad enough, yet he continues to interfere in the committee’s investigation.

According to Newsweek, GOP strategist Susan Del Percio said that McCarthy is merely “performing for an audience of one,” Donald Trump. She further said that McCarthy is trying to “bury the facts” of what happened on January 6. Either he is more involved than he lets on or he knows for a fact that Trump was directly involved. Either way, McCarthy has sunk to a new low. Forget party over country. McCarthy is putting one failed president over country. Del Percio believes McCarthy is afraid of something, telling MSNBC: “This is all about operating from fear. They are trying to delay this as long as possible because eventually, I think the truth will come out. But Kevin McCarthy is scared of the facts and that’s why he’s trying to bury them.” What she says makes a lot of sense.

The attack on our Capitol is something none of us will ever forget. It is imperative that the truth—the entire truth—surrounding this event becomes public knowledge. To think that one who was elected to office to represent the people wants to hide that truth is unforgivable. McCarthy needs to be kicked out of Congress and never allowed to run for public office again. He does not have the good of the people at heart, and that is supposed to be his role. He should be driven out of office in shame, and those who voted for him should not make that mistake again.

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