Donald Trump’s fake 2024 candidacy lurches forward

If Donald Trump were actually looking to become President again in 2024, he wouldn’t be selling off the lease and naming rights to his DC hotel. He’s only looking at pretending to be a 2024 candidate in 2021, so he can raise campaign funds and use them to service his debts.

Trump wants everyone to buy into the false premise that he’s actually going to be a candidate in 2024. If you go the route of “we must take him seriously and cower to him or we’re not being vigilant enough,” then you’re gullibly playing right into his hands.

Our job is to make sure everyone knows that, no matter what Trump claims in 2021, he won’t really be a candidate in 2024. He’ll be in a New York prison, or too senile to leave the house, or deceased from his worsening health ailments.

Trump is a washed up joke who is barely able to appear in public, can’t afford to keep his name on his properties, and has an approval rating too low to compete in any election. He’s only leaning toward “running” because he’s broke, and perhaps because he mistakenly thinks it’ll somehow magically keep him from being indicted in New York (it won’t). Our job is to make sure everyone knows he’s a washed up joke, and that’s he’s not really running; rather he’s just screwing with us.


Most or all of the media will try to play the ratings game by pretending that Trump’s obviously fake 2024 campaign is real, and is a threat, and he’ll magically win. Our job is to not give into that. In fact our job is to loudly push back against the media for peddling this crap. Don’t let the media give Trump what he wants, which is legitimacy for his fake candidacy.

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