Something’s got to give

How much longer will they keep this up? Lindell’s ‘Cyber Symposium’ in South Dakota was a total and absolute dud and nothing-burger. Mike Lindell has all the cyber wherewithal of a third-grader from 9th Century Serbia.

‘Live Streaming’? Sure, your nephew can do it to show off his latest guitar riff on Tik-Tok, but somehow the ‘cyber-guys’ that Mr Pillow hired for the event that will ‘change the world’ couldn’t manage it. Mike claimed that they were being sabotaged by hackers, as if just being Mike Lindell on stage with his Elks Lodge buddies wasn’t, itself, the monkey-wench in the works.

To double-under-line the failure of this Simp-o-sium of Cyber-Squat, the actual, real-life cyber-guy, Hari Hursti, who Lindell paid to verify his smoke-and-mirrors proof of voter fraud told CNN that there was no smoke and there were no mirrors; there was nothing.

This does the Wizard of Oz one better; at least in Oz, there was a man behind the curtain. Hell, at least there was a curtain! In the bathos that is Mike Lindell’s public hell, there isn’t even a Wizard or an Emerald City. There is a ‘Yellow Brick Road’ though, and it led the MAGA/Q crew to Sioux City where they collectively hung their arses out to dry. And Biden is still POTUS. Surprise!

Meanwhile, in another dimension, the Trumpian GOP governors of Texas and Florida are locked in a death struggle with their own constituents. One would lay down hard cash that DeSantis and Abbott are competing to see who can be the bigger arsehole and get the larger tally of deaths while overwhelming hospital services.

Infections, hospitalizations and deaths are all on the rise in those two firecracker-red states. Thankfully, school boards and corporations are thumbing their noses at the authoritarian posturing of both governors. Some sense of decency and self-preservation seems to prevail despite a very vocal minority who are vociferously supporting the dim-witted, Dark Aged mentality of Abbott and DeathSantis. It can be hoped that more of them will shut up, sit down and get vaccinated, thus ending their suicidal, last-man-standing approach.

So… What now? Do the MAGA/Q-aninnies all slink back home and grouse to their home entertainment theater from their conversation pit about the indelicate inequities of life? Do they swear off watching Fox News? Or News Max? Do they delete the links to their favorite Q-sites? Do they burn their MAGA hats and trash their Trump flags? Not bloody likely, Bub.

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