MAGA loons turn angrily against House Republican Dan Crenshaw

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Nothing and nobody is safe from the storm. I am referring to the whirling and catastrophic storm of the GOP. Many Republican Senators and Congresspeople seem to have bought into the MAGA conspiracy theories. Palmer Report has brought you many stories about them.

But what happens when a GOP member — and a pretty conservative one to boot — challenges them? They get heckled. Just ask Rep. Dan Crenshaw of the great state of Texas. It all went down in Illinois. A GOP fundraiser was going on there, and one of the guests was Crenshaw.

There is a conspiracy theorist who is running for the Illinois Senate nomination. I will not mention his name. Why? Because I do not want to give him extra attention, and he is not worthy of being mentioned by name.

The conspiracy theorist and cult member told Crenshaw that the former guy won the election. Crenshaw said this: “Don’t kid yourself into believing fraud is why we lost, it’s not.”

NOT the answer the cult member was looking for. It is also notable to mention Crenshaw is not exactly a moderate Republican.

He proceeded to get heckled. And screamed at. “I have proof,” the deranged cult member shouted. It perhaps would have been amusing was it not so deeply dangerous. Crenshaw continued to insist the election was over to the fury of the cult member.

Numerous polls have indicated many GOP members believe the big lie. Many are running on a platform of nothing more than the big lie. So all Democrats must pitch in for the 2022 mid-terms.

This upcoming election is, I believe, as important in its own way as 2020 was. I say that because we no longer deal with just another political party whose ideas and platforms differ from ours. No, now we are dealing with a deranged and anti-American cult, with many of its members supporting violence. This election must turn out in our favor.

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