Military Historian Andrew J. Bacevich spoke on NPR this morning about placing blame for the current chaos in Afghanistan using the term the “Whole-of-Government” approach. Listening to satellite radio, I heard the Hole of Government, which is a fitting homophone, since for decades ass-hole Republicans have been actively punching holes in the U.S. government with the goal of destroying it.

Another analogy the “Poison Pill” whereby a public company implements a mechanism to make it a less attractive target for a takeover. The Trump and the GOP made a coordinated effort to embed poison pills in the peaceful transition and to sabotage the Biden presidency.

Many of the maneuvers have Putin’s fingerprints all over them, namely setting up the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan for a catastrophic failure. Beginning in August 2020 with Trump negotiating the release of the final 400 ‘hard-core’ Taliban prisoners (after the release in 2018 of Taliban co-founder who is now the new leader of Afghanistan), then the refusal by GSA head Emily Murphy to certify the transition of the presidency for three weeks after the election violating historical precedent, and after that, the January 6th insurrection and the ongoing Big Lie sowing mistrust in the election. 

Republicans historically have a problem with presidential transitions even when they win. After the long-drawn-out recount of Bush v Gore, during the transition the Bush administration ignored dire warnings from the CIA of an imminent threat by al-Qaeda, the result of which would set in motion events leading to the horrific situation in Afghanistan today.

Another poison pill in the transition to the Biden presidency, the GOP are actively prolonging the COVID pandemic with a massive disinformation campaign against free and safe vaccines and wearing masks. This despite 90% of new COVID cases being unvaccinated people and the sharp decrease in the spread of the common cold and influenza due to the widespread wearing of masks proving that vaccines and masks WORK.


The fact that Republicans are still literally trying to inject poison into the populace and the Whole-of-Government shows just how evil the GOP is.

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