“Mad king” Ron DeSantis is ripping himself to pieces

Governor Ron DeSantis will not quit in his seemingly endless desire to cause Floridians as much grief as humanly possible. And plenty of people are noticing. One school board member in Florida, Jessica Vaughn, compared DeSantis to a “mad king.”

“Our Governor is the mad king of the COVID era,” she said. “It feels like a nightmare I can’t wake up from.” The “mad king” of a Governor also appears to be obsessed with getting as many photo ops as possible.

According to Vanity Fair, DeSantis had a dizzying amount of appearances on Fox Non-News. He appeared on Hannity eight times and Ingraham seven. Also, very importantly, he’d not met with public health officials.

And as Florida’s COVID rates continue to soar, DeSantis continues to babble on about “freedom,” unaware he looks and sounds like a complete moron.

The good news in all of this is the mad king is seeing his numbers flail out of control as they drop. Independents no longer embrace him with enthusiasm.

In fact, just about every day, there are new reports on the Governor’s falling poll numbers, his insane hubris, and his inability to listen to others and see any point of view except his own.


So, there is a good chance we can beat him in Florida. Already some polls have shown the Governor behind his Democratic competitor. This appears not to bother mad Ronny, but it should. He is destroying his state and doing a fine job of it which may be his only accomplishment as Governor.

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