Caitlyn Jenner crashes and burns

She’s back, people! Who is this mysterious person I am speaking of? It is none other than Caitlyn Jenner — all done in Australia and back to the United States to screw up some more.

Jenner is one of the most ill-prepared candidates I have ever seen, which makes sense since she is not really a candidate — as more and more people are beginning to acknowledge.

During an interview with the press, Jenner was asked if she was secretly working on any type of Hollywood deal in conjunction with her campaign.

There had been reports that she was. There have also been reports that Jenner took a film crew to trot along happily beside her to campaign events. Just another desperate reality TV wanna-be, I suppose.

“I’ve never worked so hard for nothing in my life,” was Jenner’s non-answer, a confounding response that left even me a bit dumbfounded since I have no idea what the lady is talking about.

Jenner was also asked about COVID protocols, more specifically about mask mandates.

Once again, she gave a non-answer that basically consisted of “I don’t know.”

First, Jenner said it was up to “SCIENCE.”

Then she said and said we should go with CDC recommendations. Then she changed it up again and simply said, “I don’t know if that’s the answer.” Way to go! Not to be snarky (OK — to be snarky), but my cat could have answered the question better.


It’s good to have Caitlyn back providing some amusement, but honestly, I cannot wait for the recall election to be over. Don’t forget, Californians, please get out and vote to retain Gavin Newsom!

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