Ron DeSantis is floundering

For the last few months, Palmer Report has cautioned people against believing the media-hyped theory that Ron DeSantis will be the candidate in 2024.

Now there is mounting evidence that once again Palmer Report was correct.

DeSantis is not nearly as popular in Florida now as he once was. He has also reportedly fallen out of favor with the former guy, and that is never a good thing for a GOP sycophant.

DeSantis has almost ruined the cruise industry with whom he has been engaged in a war of actions and words.

Even though the Covid numbers in Florida have swung upwards, DeSantis let his stubborn and obstinate views on masks dictate his every move. As a result, more Floridians have been hospitalized and are dying.

Red tide is back, not that DeSantis appears to care about a little thing like that. More and more Floridians question where the heck their governor is in this time of crucial agony for the state.

DeSantis, I believe, will never be the 2024 nominee. I suppose it is a bit bold of me to say that, but I genuinely believe it is true. He is already losing steam, and we’re not even in 2022.

Yet, at this point, I’d say we have a good chance of ousting him from the governorship, which will kill any of his dreams of being president.

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